2022 Medway Play Date

Medway is running a play date on Saturday, September 3rd from 9-3 PM. The fee is $150 per team and work teams will officiate.

Please contact:
Bill Dwyer
Medway High School Volleyball

Please Contact Us with any ‘Open Date’ Tournaments you’d like posted

The Open Date Proposal as Accepted by the MIAA Board of Directors

An open date (as opposed to scrimmages or jamborees) where teams can compete in a pool play format  with a number of different teams on one day. The maximum number of 25 point games allowed in one day would not exceed 15.

These open dates would only take place on weekends.

Volleyball teams would be allowed to play up to two open dates. Each open date played would result in one less contest opportunity from the  current 20 contest limit.

Open dates would not count towards the win-loss record of  teams for MIAA tournament qualification.


  1. Would allow more student athletes to participate
  2. Would raise the level of play and create more competitive opportunities
  3. Would open geographical and cross divisional play