The MAVCA is a statewide organization for coaches of youth volleyball. Begun in the 1970s, this organization has annually held clinics, chosen coaches’ All-State teams, and maintained an active presence regarding issues which impact our sport. The primary goal of this organization is to serve as a resource for its hundreds of constituents. We generally meet twice per year (pre- and post-season) in addition to our annual clinic. Currently, we have one voting member on the MIAA Volleyball Committee.

Approved 3-26-2023

Executive Committee

President George Mulry (’24)

Treasurer Roger Anderson (’24)

Secretary Janice Spofford (’23)

At-Large Tyler Wingate (’25)

Board of Directors

George Mulry (’24) Girls Scholastic – West (Dist. 1)

Roger Anderson (‘24) Girls Scholastic – Central (Dist. 2-3)

Michelle Hopkinson (’23) Girls Scholastic – North (Dist. 4-5)

Fabian Ardila (’24) Girls Scholastic – Boston Metro (Dist. 6-7)

Rachel Lassey (’24) Girls Scholastic – South (Dist. 8-9)

Tyler Wingate (’25) Boys Scholastic – MIAA Districts 1-5

Dave Powell (’23) Boys Scholastic – MIAA Districts 6-9

Tom Turco (’25) MIAA Girls Volleyball Representative

Jane Bergin (’25) MIAA Boys Volleyball Representative

Michael McKeon (’24) At-Large

David Moore (’23) At-Large

Jimmy Oliveira (’25) At-Large

Brent Ashley (’25) At-Large

Jacqui Niosi (’23) At-Large Boys

Dan Seaver (’25) At-Large Boys

Robin Lee (’23) At-Large / Past-President

George LeVasseur (’25) Club Director/Club Coach

Steve Aronson (’24) Scholastic Assistant/Sub-Varsity Coach

Janice Spofford (’23) Scholastic Assistant/Sub-Varsity Coach